Pet healthcare costs are on the rise just like healthcare costs for us.  These rising costs are making it extremely difficult for many pet parents to keep their pets healthy.   Many pets are euthanized because the owners cannot afford their healthcare.  We frequently see stories about pet parents whose beloved pet needs emergency surgery or pets who have been diagnosed with an ongoing healthcare issue requiring expensive medications for life.  Pet healthcare costs can be lowered greatly in several different ways.

There are many pet health insurance companies around today.  Did you know that many pharmacies also participate in lowering the cost of your pets medications?

I recently did a post about my “Heart Dog” Ashley, in that post I mentioned the fact that we called her our million dollar dog.  When Ashley was young Pet Healthcare Insurance didn’t exist.  During her lifetime we spent thousands of dollars on her healthcare.  Fortunately, along came Pet Healthcare Insurance.  Ashley got her policy when she was about 10 years old.  Since Ashley, all of our furkids have had a policy, and when you purchase a policy when they are young the cost is very affordable, and when you do the MATH, you will find that you would spend MUCH more without it.  Example, one visit for dental cleaning can easily end up costing you well over $500.00 if there are extractions needed.  With Pet Healthcare Insurance~you pay only a portion of it.  As your pet gets older naturally the cost of the policy goes up, BUT, again, one visit can cost you much more than the annual premium.  Ashley’s policy at 16 1/2 years old was $351.00 per year.  She had kidney disease the last several years of her life, which often required days of IV therapy, our cost $O.00 after the $50.oo deductible was met on the first visit.


I strongly encourage everyone to do  Pet Healthcare insurance comparisons. You’ll find that it’s much easier and affordable than you think, with many payment options.

To find assistance when you cannot afford Pet Healthcare costs for your pet there are several options.

1)  The Pet Fund  , this is a Sacramento CA. based non-profit that distributes the funds directly to the veterinarian when funds are applied for.   There you will need to apply, showing proof of income and eligibility.  This may not work if the funds are needed immediately.

2)  There are many state and local places to go for help.  Most veterinary schools also offer affordable Pet Healthcare.  Here are a couple you can start with, the American Veterinary Medical Association  and Veterinary Schools .com

3)  Or you can opt for crowd funding on a site such as FundRazr

4)  Another option, perhaps your veterinarian has a secret angel program.  These are usually programs where other customers and  local business donate funds for those pets and their families in need.  Ask your vet the next time you visit.

Pet Healthcare cost often  include medications for your pet.  Sometimes these medications are life saving, often times they are human medications.   Did you know that many pharmacies participate in discounts for your pets medications?  You can locate a pharmacy near you and receive discounts. Here you can apply for a discount card.   Booth and Little Miss Baily have their discount cards.

I do hope with the links I’ve included here that you find a Pet Healthcare policy and pharmacy that will help you keep your pet happy and healthy at a cost you can afford.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the Pet Healthcare costs issues!