Cozy winter homes for feral cats, you can help feral cats survive the winter by building them a shelter.  This coming winter is being forecast as a re-run of last winter.  COLD!!   If you would like to make a cozy winter home for the feral cats in your area, build it soon and put it where they will find it BEFORE the weather gets cold.   That way they will already be accustom to it and will use it sooner.


Many of these homeless cats die every winter from exposure to the winter elements. There are several shelters you can make to help them stay warm throughout the winter months.

Heavy cardboard boxes covered and taped with heavy plastic are cheap and easy to make. Or you can build one out of plywood and staple home insulation to the inside walls and on the shelter floor outside on the bottom. Your shelter should be 2 to 3 feet long. You can get really fancy by building a small doghouse like one with a small opening for them, small enough to keep large animals from getting in. Be sure to seal the seams of your wooden ones with silicon caulk to keep cold air from getting in. Put your shelter up on blocks so that the bottom isn’t setting on the cold ground. Place it so that the sun warms it during the day, or use an old solar pool cover to really add warmth. Adding a small entryway to the front or angling the front down will help keep the cold winds from getting in. Putting it close to a building and facing south will also help keep winds out. Then put in a nice layer of fresh straw inside. Be sure it stay DRY!

Here are some examples of cozy winter homes for feral cats!


Another cozy home for feral cats~~Do you have an old large cooler?  These are perfect, easy and WARM.  Cut a hole in the side, put a nice layer of clean, fresh dry straw inside and close the top.

Keep a cleared path so they can easily get to and from their cozy home.

Give them fresh food and water daily at the same time and they will quickly learn and be there when feeding time comes. Canned food is a nice treat for them, another good and nutritious treat is “CatSip” it’s made from real milk and cats can easily digest it! Always leave plenty dry food, they need the extra calories to help keep them warm. Bring them warm water everyday too. It will stay unfrozen long enough for them to get a drink. DO NOT USE METAL BOWLS. Their tongues can freeze to the bowl. If you have an electrical outlet close by you can give them a heated bowl to keep their water from freezing.

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