Dogs understanding, have you ever heard about a dog going from one home to another or those that are surrendered several times?  I’m sure you have.  It happens all the time.

Our Little Miss Bailey had 5 homes before she was a year old, we were number 6.


Dogs understanding is something anyone adopting a dog should think about.   Dogs, like children do not come into this world understanding the words we use to get them to do something.  Dogs understand when we talk baby talk, praise and good stuff, why~because of the tone of voice.  Just like humans, they know the difference because of the tone of voice we use.   Think about when you’re trying to teach your dog something.  You’re not using the same tone of voice you would if you were praising or talking the good stuff to them.

Many dogs who are in rescues and shelters have had lives, they have lived with people, they may have been taught some commands.   Then again~maybe not, maybe their previous owners didn’t teach them anything, maybe they don’t know the rules of behavior.  More often than not, this is the reason they end up in a shelter or rescue.  It’s sad because would people give up a child because it didn’t always behave.


Dogs understanding is the reason many dogs are surrendered yet again because of their lack of training.  Each time they find themselves back in that cage, their confusion grows.   They do not understand what they did~this time~to end up back in a cage.  Why?  Because dogs are like children, they are not born understanding the words we speak and what we want them to do.

Many people don’t even realize that when training a dog, different people use different words.  Example, we use the word Platz instead of lay down, or down.  The reason for this is because if someone wants one of our dogs to not jump up, they say “get off, get down”, we say, “Off” to keep them from jumping up and Platz for them to lay down.  We think using those words is less confusing for them, AND there is a huge difference in the “Meaning of the command“.

When an older puppy or dog that has been surrendered comes into a home, people need to remember, Dogs are like Children, they are not born understanding the human language.